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Student Consultancy


Student Group Consultancy Project Module (SGCPM) is going to be a separate study module included in the curriculum of the degree under development within the project.It is a group project method providing students with enterprise consulting experience – an approach beneficial to both students and entrepreneurs.

Within the project SGCPM is dealt with – designed, developed and adapted – in WP3 through process of workshops, training sessions, establishing links with industry and integrating the recommendations by using the experience and leadership in the matter obtained over the years by Susan Moulding, Senior Lecturer,  PhD researcher, International tourism consultant, Manchester Metropolital University (MMU), UK.

The method in question is tested during two Summer Schools in Valmiera – in the August of 2013 and 2014.


SGCPM provides a unique opportunity to develop management experience and skill development for future employability options as it is designed to develop student’s managerial skills and competencies.

This is done through experiential learning, i.e. within an operational context by means of Group Consultancy Projects, where students are exposed to, and become involved with, real ‘live’ market opportunities, problems, issues, research through which they experience, and resolve problems facing practicing managers and sometimes even commissioned from the educational institution in question by external business clients.

The method functions on two levels:

  1. Students have an opportunity to develop their academic skills and competencies particularly within writing a literature review and undertaking primary and secondary research;
  2. Grouped together as ‘consulting team’ students develop also their non-academic skills, such as:
  • Social skills;
  • Group problem-solving and decision-making skills;
  • Monitoring of progress;
  • Management of resources;
  • Ability to influence others;
  • Taking the initiative in a group;
  • Exercising drive and determination

In addition each student has an opportunity to undertake a specific business consultancy ‘content field expert role’ within the group in question - such as:

  • Marketing and Public Relations, Social Media, e-marketing etc;
  • Accountancy, Finance and Budget Management;
  • Tourism Development;

Expected learning outcomes:

  • Rationalise the requirement for collection and analysis of primary &/or secondary data.
  • Justify the use of appropriate planning, methodological, evaluative & presentational approaches to the research project.
  • Demonstrate the managerial competencies required for the successful completion of a live Group Consultancy project.
  • Undertake and complete a specific business management consultancy role in undertaking the consultancy brief.
  • Effectively communicate the aim, approach, results, conclusions and recommendations of the research project to external business clients as well as academics.

Curriculum Outline (draft):

  • Overview of the concept, assessment and operation of ‘live’ group projects; presentation of consultancy briefs.
  • Management teams and operational issues; interpersonal managerial qualities; justification for projects and project management.
  • The product and the client; negotiation, use of initiative, monitoring progress, time management and strategic planning.
  • Management information retrieval, processing, analysis and evaluation, marketing principles.
  • Report writing
  • Presentation and defense of findings; feedback and evaluation.

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