Joint Masters in International Tourism and Events Management
via This project is supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union


To develop a joint interdisciplinary master’s study programme (90 ECTS)  in International Tourism and Event Management to be executed in three Baltic countries, with support and joint expertise of 5 countries in order to support modernisation, internationalisation and innovation aspects in higher education.

Project Period

01/10/2012 – 01/11/2014

Specific Objectives

  • Perform detailed needs and employability analysis in order to provide framework and justification for the content of the modules;
  • Develop and adapt a student group consultancy project module;
  • Summarize and exchange the best practice in using the virtual learning environment;
  • Develop and adapt the content of the programme and foreseen modules;
  • Work out the organizational framework for the jointly delivered study programme;
  • Design a joint quality assurance and evaluation policy;
  • Develop and launch cooperation model with industry;
  • Develop a sustainability plan;
  • Stimulate close cooperation in the modernisation of higher education.

Brief Outline of Work Packages

  • WP1 – Management and Coordination:
    WP leader: Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA), Latvia.
  • WP2 – Needs and Employability Analysis:
    Developing and researching the employability demands and labour market needs in the field of tourism, defining the outline of the study programme content and the learning outcomes.
    WP leader: Manchester Metropolital University (MMU), United Kingdom.
  • WP3 – Designing, developing and adapting the Student Group Consultancy Project Module (SGCPM):
    Transferring, adapting and developing of SGCPM through process of workshops, training sessions, establishing links with industry and integrating the recommendations.
    WP leader: Manchester Metropolital University (MMU), United Kingdom.
  • WP4 – Development of curriculum and student support structures:
    Development of administrative frameworks, structures, agreements and documentation for curriculum and student support structures within the study programme.
    WP leader: Klaipeda University (KU), Lithuania.
  • WP5 – Module and ICT specification and design:
    Development of modules comprising the study programme, preparing the ICT component – virtual learning platform and interactive learning environment, integration of ICT tools.
    WP leader: CISET, Italy.
  • WP6 – Testing of study modules:
    Testing and evaluating the study modules and administrative approaches with pilot student group resulting in necessary adaptations. Testing in two parts: 1) audit of 1 SGCPM; 2) testing of study modules in 2013, 2014 in a form of summer school.
    WP leader: ViA, Latvia.
  • WP7 – Publicity, dissemination and valorisation of results:
    Spreading the information on the project and its results, to a number of target audiences.
    WP leader: EHTE, Estonia.
  • WP8 – Quality assurance and evaluation:
    Process of establishing and implementing evaluation and quality assurance strategies for the project and its results, achieved through quality plan, monitoring and reporting.
    WP leader: CISET, Italy.
  • WP9 – Exploitation of results:
    Vision for the further implementation of the project results and further implementation of the developed joint master’s programme.
    WP leader: AHRL, Latvia.

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