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Master students of ViA visit Tallinn and Present their Work in EHTE
Author: liga.tuca Date: 11.12.2013

By Ieva Reijere, Santa Strautiņa At the beginning of semester we – 1st year master students of Tourism Strategic Management – received an assignment to carry out group consultancy for a specific enterprise. This assignment is carried out in the framework of ITEM (Master’s in International Tourism and Events Management) project. After getting to know each other, we went to our first introduction meeting in the brewery “Valmiermuiža”, during which we were informed about the current situation of the company, the production process and the culture of the organization. At the end of the meeting, the employees of the company had organized a degustation giving us a possibility to taste the products. We received information about our contact persons and were ready to start our group assignment - research on possibility to develop a design hotel in Valmiermuiža. While completing the assignment, we were using the theoretic knowledge acquired previously, as we were working on competition, interest, internal and external environment analysis, summarizing the Latvian State Standard criteria for guest accommodation establishments in Latvia, describing the possible product and proposing to the company to develop and 4 star life-style hotel in Valmiermuiža. To develop a comprehensive work and to understand the internal philosophy of the enterprise, we repeatedly visited the company and in several discussions reached the common ground – the design of the hotel should be modern, but with a historic touch, thematic and simple. When the project was completed, we developed a presentation during which we introduced the management of the company, our teachers and fellow students with our idea. Parallel to our project, also other teams presented their ideas on how to attract Estonian tourists and development of luxury tourism and cultural park in Valmiermuiža. To sum up, the management admitted that our project was the most successful. At the end of presentations we also gained valuable comments on our projects, nice evaluation and an invitation to visit Tallinn and represent our university in a seminar in EHTE (Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management). Our task was to get acquainted with EHTE student projects, involved enterprises, as well as to present our project. To prepare for our trip to Tallinn, we translated our presentation to English, and following the advice from the presentations, developed an investment plan for our project, completing the work with financial substantiation. As we arrived in Tallinn, during the first day we visited the enterprises involved in the student projects at EHTE - Hotel Palace, Soko Hotels, Viru Hotel and City Bike. City Bike is dealing with bike rental and offering developed routes to tourists. During the second half of the day we visited Tallinn old town and enjoyed the Christmas spirit. On the next morning, we went to EHTE and were introduced to the operation of the university, its aims and ideas. Later we participated in the presentations of 1st and 2nd year students, who were reporting about the beginning stage of the consultation – getting to know the enterprise, assignment of the project, how tasks were divided in groups. In the end, we presented our project and the developed idea for Valmiermuiža brewery. As our academic experience is bigger, the Estonian students were positively surprised about our project, and we hope it will give them extra motivation for maximum results in completing their consultation projects. To summarize, this project gave us practical skills in enterprise consulting and experience exchange with Estonian students. We especially thank our supervisor Agita Līviņa, teacher Sarmīte Rozentāle, project manager from Manchester Metropolitan University Tim Knowles and Head of Development Unit at EHTE Ain Hinsberg for a wonderful possibility to participate in such exchange, and for the nice welcome and programme.

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